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Stay home, enjoy the coffee, and smile

The Jura machine &emdash; just add beans and water to brew a pure cup of coffee

Save $100s of dollars over a cafe. We love coffee. We have traveled the world enjoying coffee and we have fallen in love with the coffee brewing of Switzerland.

Using very high pressure and beans that are very carefully ground just before brewing, the Swiss brewing method results in the richest, smoothest, and best tasting coffee.

The machines are attractive, easy to use, easy to clean, do not require special pods or filters, and are much cheaper overall than nearly any other brewing method. This machine exemplifies simplicity, efficiency, and minimal expense; it's perfect for those of us who love great coffee.


Our machine feels at home with our customers …

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  • Daniel Meyer

    Crema with the convenience of a Keurig.  We bought fresh roasted beans and the coffee has reached a whole other level. Thank you! — Daniel Meyer

  • Jessica Hische

    We loved the Jura machine! I have a more manual prosumer machine at my office, which I love, but the Jura produces such wonderful results (and so easily!) that I found that I looked forward to making coffee in the morning at home instead of waiting until I got to my office. — Jessica Hische

  • Brian Clayton

    It managed to produce crema in all cases and I never noticed any bitter notes from over-extraction. Overall, I really enjoyed the coffee and, like most of my co-workers, it was my go-to drink while we had the machine. — Brian Clayton

  • Nate Baxter

    I push two buttons (on, rinse), wait a few minutes for warm-up, then push and turn, stand there in a morning stupor, and then pick up a cup of fine elixir. This machine is stupendous! — Nate Baxter



Part of the reason the Swiss excel at coffee is because of the technology:


The machine has an 18 barr pump. This is 18x times the atmospheric pressure. The water is pushed through the grounds to extract all the flavor and this contributes to the gentle aerated and complex taste.


The machines grinder is also very special. Grinding and packing the coffee very tightly is important to ensure that the water goes through the grains very evenly. The machine has one of the highest quality grinders in the world. The grinder is one of the reasons the machine is so expensive. On top of this, grinding is a physically intense process and the machine can do this day in and out without breaking.


At first glance, it might seem that because it's automatic, the machine would make a lower grade coffee, but the automation is an important part of the great coffee. Many of the great cafes in Europe use the Jura not only because it's great but also because it is automatic. Like the automatic brakes on your car or your engine, the computer and automation can precisely monitor the brewing and steeping in a way that is nearly impossible for a human.


An important part of coffee is the water--it's mostly water after all. The machine has its own water filter to make sure that the water is as good as it can be. No need to use special water. The machine takes care of that.


Coffee machines get scaled easily. These machines can descale themselves after they have been in use for a while. The machine monitors this and will let you known when it is time to clean it. Cleaning simply involves using a special descaling tablet that you can buy online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
The Home Barista service is a way to make great coffee at home using fresh whole beans. For a monthly subscription of $34.95 we provide you with a high quality super-automatic Swiss coffee machine. This is designed for serious coffee drinkers who want to enjoy great coffee at a reasonable price.
What type of coffee does it make? Is it espresso?
This machines makes a great cup of regular coffee. The Swiss designed this machine to improve upon espresso, so it makes an excellent espresso; however it was designed to make an even better cup of regular coffee. The taste of the coffee is hard to describe, but most people would say it is a smoother more complex taste (not stronger).
Why should I subscribe instead of buying?
It is possible to get these machines from other sources and to just buy them. The advantage of subscribing is that the machines are very expensive to buy and they have a short warranty. We will cover you for the entire life of the machine and replace it when it gets old. We have also selected a model that is a good match of quality and price.
How do I clean it?
The machine is self-cleaning. The machine rinses itself when it turns on and turns off. It has its own water filter which probably will need to be replaced every 3-6 months. It also has a cleaning and decalcification routine that uses simple tablets that will run about every 3-6 months. As far as daily use goes, the grounds container needs to be emptied periodically and the machine will let you know when it is full.
What type of beans or coffee can I use?
The machine uses conventional whole beans. There are no special pods or cups. However, be careful when buying beans that are oily. Most beans from places like Starbucks or Peets are designed for drip coffee machines. As a result they are double roasted and many of the oils are on the exterior of the beans. This removes much of the flavor for the coffee. The machine is excellent at extracting the flavor, so we recommend using non-oily single roasted beans. Illy is one of our favorites. Although people have success with everything from Dunkin Donuts to store brands. Experiment and see what you like.
What if I don't like it?
We will gladly take the machine back at anytime if you don't like it. We do genuinely want you to be happy with the machine and it's one the main reasons we sell it. We believe in it.
Can I buy it if I like it?
Yes, we do offer the option of buying at anytime during your subscription.


Home Barista Starts at $24.95/Month

The Home Barista service starts at $24.95/month with a $99.95 setup fee. It's good for the environment because there are no wasted pods or cups. It's healthier because there are no BPA or other plastics or metals that leach into your coffee. It offers Swiss coffee, which is one of the best in the world. We offer a lifetime warranty. You can use traditional whole bean coffee which is easier to find, fresher, higher quality, and offers more variety. The machine uses about $0.25 of coffee per cup.

Compare with Keurig: $39.60/Month

Keurig machines start at $99.95 setup and $0.66/K-cup. If you drink 2 cups a day thats $39.60/month. The Home Barista tastes better.

Compare with Nespresso: $57.00/Month

Nespresso machines start at $299.95 and $0.95/pod. If you drink 2 cups a day that's $57.00/month. The Home Barista tastes better.

Compare with Starbucks: $120/Month

A Starbucks tall latte with tip is $4.00. If you drink one a day that's $120/month. The Home Barista tastes better.