We're introducing a super cool new thing called the th8nks program. I was inspired to this idea by my years and business and how successful I saw this program work for others, especially at Harvard and at my internet banking company JSA. I've used this method in many of the companies I have worked with and it's been amazing to see how well it can improve a team...within days.

Here is the basic idea. Create an email address in your email system which includes all the members of your team. You probably already have this anyway. Some email that goes to everyone on your team. Connect this email address with the Breadstand th8nks program.

Anytime anyone within your team is appreciative of the efforts of someone else, they simply send an email to that person and CC us. This gets sent to the person and the team. Everyone gets to see what a great job each person is doing and get public recognition. 

Once a month we pick a person who was thanked out of all thanks and they become the winner and we notify them. This is free and in the beginning all a person receives is bragging rights. But in time we will offer a prize of Swiss chocolate from Cailler to the winner. This is amazing chocolate that is not readily available in the United States and one of the preferred brands in the world. We love it. It's black gold just like the coffee from the Jura machines.

Simply visit our website and click on the th8nks link and get started. 

David Johnson