Hi there! We are piloting a house service in the Concord area and if you want your house cleaned for free, let us know. I have always enjoyed the hotel cleaning service. Everyday when I come back to my room, the bed is made, the bathroom cleaned, the towels folded, and the trash removed. We want to offer this same service for your home. Everyday when you come home your house is in order. After a long day, it's nice to come home to a comfortable home.

We come in and in about 30 minutes your house is cleaned: dishes cleaned, shoes picked up, coats hung, TV remotes returned, beds made, trash removal, towels folded, laundry picked up, and surfaces cleaned. 

We plan on offering this at about $399/month for M-F service. We are still doing some research but if you want a few free house cleanings let us know!