How does the subscription work?

You only pay month to month. You can start or stop at anytime. We will provide you with a machine and take it back when you're done.

What is the warranty?

We warranty the machine as long as you are a customer. This is one of the reason we have a subscription model. By specializing and being experts we are able to service the machines long past the manufacturer's warranty. By increasing the lifespan of the machine, we are able to spread the cost of the machine over a much longer time frame. If the machine breaks, we will repair it or give you a replacement.

Can I purchase a new machine?

At this time, we do not offer the option of purchasing new machines.

Is this a lease to own?

No. While we do offer a buy-out option at any point during the lease, most of our customers are not interested in this option. By having an on-going subscription we are able to keep the costs down. However, if you buy-out the machine, you fall under the manufacturer's warranty, which is 2 years. If you lease the machine from us, we can warranty it for life and provide service.

What beans can I use?

You can use whatever beans you like. This is where can you customize your experience both in terms of flavor and cost. The only caveat is not to use flavored beans (such as hazlenut) or oily beans. If you want flavored coffee, you can buy syrups at speciality shops.

Why subscription?

With a subscription we are able to get you a very high quality machine at a very affordable rate.

How are we able to do this?

In short: simplicity, focus, quality, and quantity of sales.

We really want to provide a great coffee experience and the Jura machines are simply the best. However, the machines are expensive and beyond the price point of most people. We want to provide these at an affordable rate, and we developed a method to do that. 

We select and only offer a few of the very best models. Through quantity of sales and specializing, we can acquire the machines at a lower cost, we can finance them more efficiently, we can provide service more efficiently, and we can dramatically expand the machines' lifespans. That's how we do it.