I started this company because I wanted to make people happy. That’s the one of the most fulfilling things; to see a person be their truest self, to be the best parent they can be, to be the best business person they can be, to be their best romantic self, and to be the most talented and amazing person that they can be.  


Our Beginning

Years ago, I traveled to Switzerland and every morning when I took my first sip of coffee, it would hit me: my soul was touched and my senses awakened. Throughout Switzerland, everywhere I went and with each cup of coffee I was touched again.

When it came to making coffee, it was clear to me, the Swiss were doing something different. The Swiss had invented a new way to brew coffee and I wanted to share this with everyone else: the Jura.


“When we look at the amazing things in this world, from technology, to science, to caring, many of them come from people who are at their best, from acts of love to creative genius.”



Our Mission

A great cup of coffee can touch our hearts...everyday, all day, and with every sip. And I know of nothing that produces that experience as consistently as Swiss Jura coffee. 

I really wanted to develop a easier way of providing the machines so that everyone could have one. We came up with the subscription model. By paying month to month anyone can have one in their home, affordably, while we take of any service issues.


Some Of Our Fans...

If I have any complaint--and it's not a real one!--it's that the machine takes care of so much of the work, that I no longer have the waking-up-task ritual that forces my brain and hands to wake up in my quest for the first cup of the morning. I push two buttons (on, rinse), wait a few minutes for warm-up, then push and turn, stand there in a morning stupor, and then pick up a cup of fine elixir. This machine is stupendous!  

Rev. Dr. Nathan Baxter, Lead Pastor, Crossroads Church

Total addicts, through and through!

Clint Conley, Mission of Burma

We loved the Jura machine! I have a more manual prosumer machine at my office, which I love, but the Jura produces such wonderful results (and so easily!) that I found that I looked forward to making coffee in the morning at home instead of waiting until I got to my office. It really changed our weekend routine as well. Quiet mornings in on the sofa with truly delicious coffee is pretty excellent compared to standing in line at the coffee shop down the street. 

Jessica Hische, Lettering Artist

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