House Service


We love being on vacation and the feeling of being in a nice hotel where everyday when you come back to your room, the beds are made, the towels folded, the linens refreshed, and the room picked up.  We want to provide this for your home, and we want to capture the essence of the vacation, of being comforted in your own home.

Being Comfortable

We enjoy comfortable homes, and this is more than simply the technical details of keeping your house clean, but the way in which the cleaning person presents themselves and the way in which they pick up. Our staff is always well dressed, healthy, socially aware, doesn't wear headphones, meditates daily, keeps to themselves, and cleans in an efficient yet relaxed way, so that you can feel confident that it is done well and feels good.

What We Provide

  • Fresh linens (towels and sheets) once a week
  • Beds made
  • Trash picked up and removed
  • Laundry picked up
  • Bathroom counters cleaned
  • Toilets flushed
  • Dishes cleaned
  • Couches reassembled
  • Chairs returned to the table or desk
  • Dishes picked up
  • Electronics organized
  • TV remotes returned to the TV
  • Coffee tables wiped
  • Shoes organized
  • Coats hung
  • Towels folded
  • Cabinets and dressers closed
  • Basic kitchen cleaning
  • We use natural cleaning supplies

This is not a replacement for your regular housekeeping service, simply an easy way to make sure your house is comfortable everyday. 


We charge $399/month plus $19.99/bed. This includes all linens and cleaning supplies. This includes cleaning Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:00PM. We will organize the schedule with you.

Trial Only

We are currently piloting this service in the greater Boston area. Please contact us for details on getting started. 

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