These are the same types of machines used in the best cafes of Europe from the leading manufacturer: the Swiss company Jura.

What Is It? The iPhone of Coffee

The Italian coffee makers that you see in a typical American cafe were invented with little modification over 100 years ago. Technology has come a long way since then. In Europe this method has been replaced by machines from the Swiss company Jura. Like Apple, in the 1980's the Swiss company Jura pioneered new technology revolutionizing coffee making. Last year alone they sold over 320,000 new machines. They are widely used in the best cafes and in over 40 countries worldwide. The machines use a higher pressure, carefully ground beans, and computer controls to extract more flavor and to do so consistently and reliably. This method not only makes better coffee but it's also simpler and less expensive.

This Is Not a Promise of Better Coffee

We have trouble saying the coffee is great because that's become such a cliche. Everyday we hear about some new way to brew coffee: cold brew, nitrogen, keurig, hand pressed, etc. All promising to be the best. Since we were children we heard these stories. The Jura coffee maker is actually a true cafe grade machine that is already being widely used throughout the world in real cafes, everyday, all day -- the best cafes. While it may be new to the United States it's not new to the world. This is why the price starts at around $1799 for a basic machine.

From Regular Coffee to Espresso Drinks

The jura makes the same coffee or espresso that you're used to better. While many people initially think about latte drinks, which the Jura makes excellently, when people get used to a Jura they often prefer the straight coffee because the flavor is so good. They don't mask the flavor with milk.

More Pressure More Flavor

The machine in your local cafe used about 9 barr of pressure. Ask them. This machine uses 15 barr which extracts more flavor with much more depth that will tease your palette every single day.

Use Your Own Beans - No Pods or Capsules

The Jura starts with whole beans and grinds them fresh just at the moment it brews the coffee. Preground coffee like in pods, capsules or for your drip machine has lost much of it's flavor. Coffee is a produce produce. How long do you want your cabbage sitting on a shelf? Within 3 days of grinding coffee loses much of it's flavor. This is why the Jura uses fresh whole beans and grinds them at the moment of brewing.

Purified Water

Coffee is mostly water. These machines come with a built in water filter to ensure the water is pure regardless of what your tap puts out. 


Do you know what is in your coffee maker? The Jura automatically cleanses itself every day and every so often it does a deep internal cleaning to make sure all the parts are smooth, pristine, and safe. It stands the test of time and always produces amazing coffee as fresh and clean as the day you received it.

Less Expensive

Oddly, this method is actually less expensive than nearly every other method. There are no pods to purchase. It's cheaper than the cafe. Saves on fuel. Even if you have an inexpensive drip coffee maker or French Press you have to use so much coffee you end up paying in the amount of coffee you have to buy. Although our customers do end up buying more coffee, that's simply because they are so in love with it, they make so much more. 

Environmentally Friendly

This is all great for the environment. Your machine does sit on for hours like a drip maker. There are not trips and fuel charges to go the cafe. There are no plastic pods to dispose of. In fact you can use the grounds from the machine for you house plants or garden. It only uses energy while it's brewing and so it's very efficient, just like the Swiss.


The Jura is the simplest method we know for brewing coffee. Simply press one button and within about a minute you have a fresh cup of coffee from whole beans. It's really just whole beans and water. Can it be simpler? Like the antilock brakes in your car, the computer carefully controls the extraction and brewing process to ensure you get a great cup every single time, every single day, day after day. 

Some Of Our Fans...

If I have any complaint--and it's not a real one!--it's that the machine takes care of so much of the work, that I no longer have the waking-up-task ritual that forces my brain and hands to wake up in my quest for the first cup of the morning. I push two buttons (on, rinse), wait a few minutes for warm-up, then push and turn, stand there in a morning stupor, and then pick up a cup of fine elixir. This machine is stupendous!  
Rev. Dr. Nathan Baxter, Lead Pastor, Crossroads Church
My Morning Kicker Espresso.
Mike Rohde, Author of Sketchnotes
Total addicts, through and through!
Clint Conley, Mission of Burma
We loved the Jura machine! I have a more manual prosumer machine at my office, which I love, but the Jura produces such wonderful results (and so easily!) that I found that I looked forward to making coffee in the morning at home instead of waiting until I got to my office. It really changed our weekend routine as well. Quiet mornings in on the sofa with truly delicious coffee is pretty excellent compared to standing in line at the coffee shop down the street. 

Jessica Hische, Lettering Artist